• Significantly lowers your cost of recruiting and administration of your IT organization!

    Using our highly skilled Eastern European software engineers, we meet your company's technology needs.

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Hiring and managing software developers internationally is complicated

We take care of the complexities of hiring and administration of IT teams. We provide full support of managing IT resources so you can stay focused on managing your team’s IT assignments


  • It typically takes 2 to 3 months to hire, train, and onboard IT resources to be fully productive. With Chain System, you achieve the same result in less time
  • Prior to hiring engineers, the company has already made growth plans 3 to 6 months in advance and budgeted for the new hires. It is during this time that the company has an opportunity to have IT resources trained and prepared by outsourced experts like Chain System IT before their start date. This eliminates unnecessary distraction
  • Change Chain System IT works as partner to your company, saving you money and time
  • Our training program is based on 10+ years of experience in training engineers for international companies
  • IT candidates are screened by Chain System IT psychologist to ensure that the candidates are good match to the corporate culture of your company
  • Our approach brings loyal and dedicated employees to your company where they are eager to serve for years to come

How we do it. We follow 3 easy steps:

We work with you to determine which model best meets your needs

  • Staff augmentation
  • Dedicated team
  • Managed IT Services

Determine the skills required to address your needs

  • Software architect
  • Backend software engineer
  • Frontend software engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • QA engineer
  • Test engineer

Sign a simple contract with Chain System IT and initiate your projects

Who we are

Chain System IT with US headquarters in Raleigh, NC, has been in business since 2018. We started our business as an IT Academy training young talented software engineers, and over time we expanded our services to include hiring, outsourcing, and training highly qualified individuals from Eastern Europe, in particular, Ukraine.

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